This is my first blog post (on my own blog, anyway).  For all I know, it could be my last.  But let’s be optimistic.  They say optimism clouds your objectivity; depression is more realistic.  I say: depressive realism has its disadvantages.  Give me optimism any day.

The purpose of this blog is sketched out in the “About Blog Here Now” page.  Please read “The Rules” before commenting.  I look forward to hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I allow for both takes to coexist more or less peacefully. They have a “usual” timeline related split point. Immediate and near future live with optimism. Long term future lives with depressive realism. BUT, and as you know, there is always a but…….I see rays of hope with all creative endeavors. So they tend to offset my long term view just enough to keep me from being committed.

    Really good to hear from you. Hope all’s well in the melting tundra.

    Best to CH

  2. Yeah, it seems that a balanced view is most reasonable, all things considered. But I was in an optimistic mood when I posted this… A lot depends, for me, on how much sleep I get! So much for profound insights into depression…

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