Friday afternoon with Alan…


Imagine for a moment it was your privilege to have a brief interview with God, in the course of which you were allowed to ask one question.

What would you ask?

Now you have to think this over very carefully, because this golden opportunity would come to you only once, and you would have to be most careful that you didn’t ask a silly question.

Well you might try God out with a Zen Buddhist koan… such as, “Beyond the positive and the negative, what is reality?”

And the Lord would turn to you and say, “My dear child, your question has no meaning.” …And you wouldn’t have the opportunity to think up a meaningful one and come back.

So perhaps you should have asked: “What question should I ask?”

And the Lord would say to you: “Why do want a question?”

Alan Watts
from the podcast, “Spiritual Authority #3”

One thought on “Friday afternoon with Alan…

  1. … and perhaps the question I would ask back would be, “Why did you design me to ask questions, then?”

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