Sheer inanity


I’ve been struck by the sheer inanity of many cable news shows recently – I find that I can stomach few of them for more than a few minutes. So I couldn’t pass up this charming pastiche of Glenn Beck moments. Yes, they are out of context… but, trust me, the context only makes them seem crazier.

Glenn Beck Beats from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.

Thanks Charles.

6 thoughts on “Sheer inanity

  1. When I hear stuff like that, I find myself cringing when I hear the cry of “everybody should exercise their right to vote”. I think at a minimum, the right to vote should require a passing grade in an elementary logic course. This is my favorite example of wonderful logic from Beck’s show. I’ll never be able to watch Craig T Nelson in a movie or TV show again.

  2. Maybe if the main press carried out its function instead of becoming President Obama’s carpet, Americans would not have to go to cable news shows to get the facts.
    To the best of my knowledge thanks to those cable news shows we got to know the background of Van Jones, and the relationship between this administration and some very questionable organizations.

  3. Usually when the cable commentary shows pick up on controversial remarks made by someone in the administration, they are simply echoing information already available on the political blogs. Admittedly, getting information to a wider audience can be valuable, but when its mixed in with the sorts of ridiculously overblown rhetoric you find on Fox News (and sometimes on MSNBC on the liberal side), that value gets drowned out by the noise.

  4. Larry, I am sorry, but it seems to me your comment only mirrors your inclination. Showmanship is sometime necessary to get the information out to the public when the normal channels are either intent on not doing so, or because of their bias, do not see it as relevant. Facts are Facts regardless of the way you state them.

  5. Well, that’s one thing we certainly can agree on, Emphasis: facts are facts (although we might disagree on which opinions actually state facts). And I have no objection to Beck or anyone else drawing attention to them. No doubt where we part company is on how agreed-upon-facts are to be interpreted – coolly and rationally, or hotly and emotionally. Don’t get me wrong: there are occasions that call for heat and emotion (particularly fear and anger). But when such negative emotions – along with condescension and ridicule – habitually take center stage, as they do on Beck’s show, the import of the facts is all too easily distorted.

  6. I guess you mean that as opinions are the conclusion you draw from facts among other things, we might differ in our conclusions. That is fair. I for one believe that Beck and Fox have done a great service by bringing to the attention of those interested “facts” which as I said the “Media” has decided we don’t need to know. Having lived under totalitarianism, this last point scares the hell out of me and thus I welcome the information regardless of the source or the packaging.

    In the end we have to be careful with the way we evaluate the opinion of others because as Duc François de La Rochefoucauld once said “We think very few people sensible, except those who are of our opinion”

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