Spring Forward, Etc.


Don’t forget, lest you be an hour late… On the other hand, what a great excuse!

Apparently the jury is out on whether the shift to Daylight Savings Time is a net benefit or a net harm. Some folks think that it would be simpler to just shift work hours than to change clocks (especially since so many devices have clocks these days). But think about it… all those signs that would have to be changed, and you’d still have to remember to alter your schedule.

Anyway, you may have noticed I haven’t posted much in the last week or two, and this barely qualifies as a post… The temperature has been up in the 50s, and I’ve been dedicating what little free time I have these days to being outdoors after a long winter. Katie, our dog, has been getting lots of walks – we’ve been told she needs to lose five pounds (something she and I have in common). Posting will continue apace soon… if there is anything worth posting about (health insurance reform anyone?). Zen master say: Speak not, unless by speaking one improves upon the silence. Talk about a high bar…