I Got Mail!


Since venturing with some trepidation into the Letters To The Editor section of our local newspaper, I’ve received two snail-mail responses. The first was from an ardent New Dealer expressing appreciation for my first letter to the editor about the “Impeach Obama” billboard. This gentleman sent me xeroxed copies of old newspaper photos of Truman and Johnson signing social legislation.

The second letter I received just yesterday in response to my follow-up letter to the editor. It has a slightly different tone-

As best I can tell, it reads as follows:

Why are all you people so in love with Obama. God said in the Bible before the world comes to an end I will give you floods, fires, and earthquakes and then I will send you Obama to finish you off – The End – Obama is the AntiChrist. Certainly people should be protesting against him, it’s they’re [sic] moral and religious duty and right. Obama wants to skip Socialism and go right to Communism. And we’re all going to need a Wheel Barrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread while he’s out flying around. Thank You.

Can’t argue with that!

2 thoughts on “I Got Mail!

  1. Hahahahahahahahaha .. this is awesome. And scary. Very warped people among us. I was crazy enough to submit a letter to the newspaper on the topic of health care a month or so back, and while I got no snail mail, I was attacked by the anti-Obama zombies as well, in the online comments.

  2. When I read the 50+ comments under my first letter to the editor on the Northwestern site, I soon realized there was nothing for me to say in response. Almost all of them consisted of ad hominem insults aimed not at me, but at each other. It’s the anonymity – people are on their worst behavior when they can hide behind their pseudonyms.

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