Consciousness Online Conference – 2011


Well, it’s that time of year again: time for another Consciousness Online Conference, going on between 2/18 and 3/4/2011. If you’re interested in consciousness (and what conscious creature would not be?), there are 11 presentations at this year’s conference, several of them involving video presentations. I haven’t had time to read the papers yet, but here are the main dishes (invited papers) on the Consciousness smorgasbord this year-

Black and White and Color by Kathleen Akins.

Consciousness and the Introspection of Apparent Qualitative Simples by Paul Churchland.

Minds, Brains and Turing by Stevan Harnad.

On the (Dis)unity of Consciousness by Jesse Prinz.

If you’re not sure whether this is your cup of tea, I’d start with a particularly entertaining 10 minute video presentation by Philip Goff, who argues that on one popular view of the relationship between mind and matter (known as “property dualism”), if Lot’s wife is conscious, then so must be the pillar of salt that God turns her into. (In more technical terms: property dualism entails panpsychism).

Have fun, and please… try to stay conscious.