Wisconsin Recall Election Dates


Are you wondering if there is both a (fake) primary and a general election in your district, and just when they might be? Although I consider myself fairly well-informed, I wasn’t sure what the answers to these questions were until today. Here are a couple of helpful sites: somewhat buried on the Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board’s web site is finally a list of who is running where and when. Then there’s an interactive map on the “onpolitix” site (“powered by FOX11”, of all people) that is actually quite helpful, at least regarding the elections to take place in northeast Wisconsin. You click on the blue or red areas of the map to see who is running in the upcoming “primaries”. When I click on my home town of Oshkosh, here’s what pops up:

Notice the “No Photo Available” icon for John D. Buckstaff, the dishonest (other adjectives come to mind, but this is a family blog) Republican-running-as-a-Democrat who at best is delaying the general election and at worst is trying to sow confusion among the voters. It’s not surprising that he and all the other fake candidates are reluctant to show their faces (although the Republicans obviously deserve more blame for having instigated the tactic in this election cycle).