Deathmatch 2011: Prosser versus Walsh-Bradley


Yes, it appears to have come to this-

The poster could also be of a Rashomon parody, since none of the eye witnesses seem to remember the incident quite the same way. As AP reports via The Northwestern

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A liberal state Supreme Court justice told detectives a conservative colleague put his hands on her neck but never applied pressure, while he claims he was simply trying to ward her off as she charged him with a clenched fist, according to investigative reports released Friday.

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has accused Justice David Prosser of putting her in a chokehold in front of four other justices during a June discussion about a lawsuit challenging Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s contentious law eliminating most of public workers’ union rights.

The incident exposed the depth of animosity that has been building between the court’s liberal and conservative blocs. The two groups have been feuding openly for years, but none of the justices laid hands on each other until this summer.

Sauk County District Attorney Patricia Barrett, who is acting as a special prosecutor in the case, announced Thursday she wouldn’t file criminal charges against either Walsh Bradley or Prosser, saying the accounts of what happened differed too greatly.

According to Walsh-Bradley:

Walsh Bradley said she remembered Prosser accusing the liberals of holding up the decision. She said he was “getting worked up again” and told Abrahamson he had no confidence in her leadership.

Walsh Bradley, 61, said she got up from her desk and walked toward Prosser, saying, “Buddy, don’t raise your voice again. I’m no longer willing to put up with this.” She said she got face-to-face with him, pointed at her door and said, “You get out of my office.”

Prosser, 68, then grabbed her by the neck in what she called a “chokehold,” but she told detectives she didn’t remember Prosser squeezing or applying any pressure. Justice Patience Roggensack separated the two.

Thank goodness there was an aptly named and competent referee in the ring – uh, I mean room.

Perhaps only a dedicated Freudian could adequately comprehend Prosser’s description of events-

Prosser, for his part, told detectives that Walsh Bradley doesn’t like him. After he told Abrahamson he no longer had faith in her, Walsh Bradley “exploded” out of her inner office and charged at him with her fist clenched. He described Walsh Bradley and Abrahamson as “soul mates” and said Walsh Bradley is very protective of Abrahamson.

He said when he leaned away from Walsh Bradley, his arms came up automatically and his hands touched her neck. His said his first thought was, “Oh my God, I’m touching her neck.”

He said his hands were open and he remembered how warm her neck felt, but he never applied any pressure. After the two were separated, he said he went “limp” and left the office as quickly as he could.

In any case, poor Justice Prosser was apparently taken aback by Walsh-Bradley’s boxing acumen, particularly her mean jab-

Conservative Justice Michael Gableman said Walsh Bradley came at Prosser with a clenced fist and even jabbed the air in front of his face three or four times. Prosser tried to push her away by placing his hands on her shoulders, near her neck, he said.

Thank the good lord above that those hands didn’t slip down to even more controversial body parts… But honestly, if you don’t find any of this funny at all, I understand. In certain moods, neither do I. But, then again, I’m not in one of those moods at the moment.