A Prayer For The 21st Century: Come Healing (Leonard Cohen)


Dedicated to everyone I know – and anyone I don’t know – who has recently dealt with a serious health issue.

Cohen’s song and unique voice speaks for itself. In the video accompaniment, I just embedded his lyrics into photos of some of the nicest flowers I’ve ever met.

If you have the bandwidth, view this fullscreen in HD if that setting is available on your system, or else here on YouTube. (Sorry for any pop up ad you might see, on which I make no money but which Cohen’s publisher apparently requires of all videos featuring his songs.)

Happy Holidays!


New DUI Test For Washington And Colorado


Inform the suspect that he’s about to be given a DUI test, and that he must not laugh; then tell him a joke.

(This would also be a job-creation program, since out of work comedians could be hired to ride along with joke-delivery-challenged officers.)