Fall Colors 2013


Time (actually, past time) for my annual Fall colors photo (this Fall seems to have come and gone in about two weeks)… Here’s one taken on my iPhone a couple of weeks ago-


Cheryl & Larry’s Provence Adventures


Cheryl and I just returned from a week in the Var region of Provence. Here’s a video slideshow of some of our better photos. I recommend watching it in HD and in fullscreen mode, if you have the bandwidth. Almost as good as being there (but not quite).

Geneva Flower


I stumbled upon this stunning beauty as it was sunning itself in the park of Mon-Repos, near the MuseĆ© d’Histoire des Sciences along the shores of Lake Geneva.


A Creek Along The Way


May has been a quiet month up here on the blog, but it would be a shame to let the month pass without a nod to the long overdue Spring weather that has finally allowed me to get back on my bike and try to burn off a few of those winter calories. So here is a pleasant spot I always ride past but seldom stop at on my usual around-the-neighborhood route; the late-afternoon light was just too inviting not to pause and whip out the old iPhone camera to document the moment.


A Prayer For The 21st Century: Come Healing (Leonard Cohen)


Dedicated to everyone I know – and anyone I don’t know – who has recently dealt with a serious health issue.

Cohen’s song and unique voice speaks for itself. In the video accompaniment, I just embedded his lyrics into photos of some of the nicest flowers I’ve ever met.

If you have the bandwidth, view this fullscreen in HD if that setting is available on your system, or else here on YouTube. (Sorry for any pop up ad you might see, on which I make no money but which Cohen’s publisher apparently requires of all videos featuring his songs.)

Happy Holidays!


Quiet Now


Here’s my rendition of Denny Zeitlin’s jazz ballad, “Quiet Now”. I played electric and acoustic guitars on it, and programmed the bass. The video is just a slideshow of some quiet places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. (This is the SD version; see the HD version – if your internet connection can handle the bitrate – here).