Monk Seal on Sans Souci Beach


Monk Seal on Sans Souci 2

Monk seals have made a comeback in Hawaii of late, but rarely (if ever) have any decided to take a nap at this crowded beach just a few hundred yards from Waikiki beach. Fortunately, the humans were well-behaved, and let it rest.

This Is Not A Wooden Horse


This Is Not A Wooden Horse

That’s because, although it was originally constructed in wood, it was cast in bronze. I know, I couldn’t believe either, until I touched it (and thereby broke a museum rule). It is entitled Mali’u and Ahona (2013), by Deborah Butterfield.

Terrasses Mystérieux


Okay, so I’m pretty sure that there is a very simple answer to this question, but I didn’t think of asking anyone while I was in the neighborhood, and Google has been of little help. But, clearly, there are either terraces cut into, or walls set on to, the granite peak of this mountain just outside of Martigny Switzerland. The question is: who put them there, and why?

Update: a Swiss citizen who should know told me that those are actually large wooden structures that are intended to prevent avalanches. Fair enough, but there seems to be no one living on the slope beneath to protect… Maybe the Swiss just generally disapprove of avalanches, and stop them whenever and wherever they can?

Terraced Mountainside Martigny 4

Shadow-Selfie On Bike


Yet another sign of Spring…

Shadow Selfie On Bike 480

And here is a blossoming tree for no good reason (except for the fact that my iPhone camera happened capture an exceptionally smooth, deep blue gradient sky in the background).

Tree Blossoms

Fall Colors 2013


Time (actually, past time) for my annual Fall colors photo (this Fall seems to have come and gone in about two weeks)… Here’s one taken on my iPhone a couple of weeks ago-


Cheryl & Larry’s Provence Adventures


Cheryl and I just returned from a week in the Var region of Provence. Here’s a video slideshow of some of our better photos. I recommend watching it in HD and in fullscreen mode, if you have the bandwidth. Almost as good as being there (but not quite).

Geneva Flower


I stumbled upon this stunning beauty as it was sunning itself in the park of Mon-Repos, near the Museé d’Histoire des Sciences along the shores of Lake Geneva.